What are Aldi writing down when they ask you for ID?

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Aldi has become massive in the UK over the past few years. You know the score, You have to look over the age of 25 these days to buy your favourite bottle of wine or any alcohol. Supermarkets are required to challenge anyone for ID when selling booze to ensure its sold legally.

Recently, a shopper visited an Aldi store to be left rather confused as the cashier started writing information from her ID down onto a piece of paper. She asked the colleague  “what are you doing?” and was informed she was acting in line with Aldi policy. When she asked for more details on why, the colleague explained she was doing it to prove and note that she had asked for ID.

So we asked an Aldi Spokesperson for a comment and here’s what they said:

“As part of our Challenge 25 policy, we record instances when a customer has been asked to provide identification.

“This is a standard procedure and we do not ask customers to share any personal information as part of this process.”

They also noted that only the DOB and gender are written down and no other “personal details” are recorded so would not need to get permission as it is not personally identifiable.

Aldi releases special buys weekly and there’s some decent offers on most weeks.

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