100 days till Christmas.. Time to Shop Smart!

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days till Christmas *at the time of posting*

Shh! We are in the last quarter of the year, the decorations are already on the shelves at Tesco and the big man is coming down your chimney in 100 days today.

Lets not start 2019 in sh*t loads of debt all for one day in 2018, budget as best as you can from now and take advantage of Christmas Shopping events, Cashback and bargains. Here are my 5 tips to save some money over the festive period:

Christmas Shopping

  1. Black Friday. Friday 23 November is Black Friday, Retailers will slash prices of goods for one day online and instore. Set the alarm for 6am, Make yourself a coffee and fire up the laptop and have a browse through your favourite websites such as Amazon, Boots, The Entertainer etc to see if there are any bargains to be had. If there is a particular gift someone wants then it pays to wait till Black Friday to see if there is a price drop.
  2. Cashback Sites. Use Cashback Sites. Do all of your shopping through TopCashback or Quidco and get a percentage back on every order. Last year we saved over £100 from shopping through cashback sites.
  3. Last Minute Vegetables. I have a little tradition on Christmas Eve, head down to the supermarket to get the vegetables about 4 oclock, For the past years i have spent no more than 50p for all my christmas vegetables including extras for the rabbits. Supermarkets over-order every year and never learn, so take advantage and get them fresh and cheap.
  4. Cash in on last years gifts. Everyones got one of last years lynx sets still in the drawer or some socks still in the packet because after all these years, Uncle John still has no idea what size feet you are. Cash in and get flogging for free on Facebook or for a small fee, eBay. There’s loads of places online to sell your unwanted bits and raise some extra cash for Christmas.
  5. Broke October. If December is going to be a super expensive month for you, you could balance it out a bit by having a no-spend October? You do this by not spending anything which is not necessary from Monday 1st October to Wednesday 31st Octobaer and any money leftover can then be used towards Christmas.

I’m sure some of you will have already started your Christmas shopping and if so, good on you! If not, try out our tips and see how much money you can save.

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