Your credit score is now 100% free with Experian

Deal Score+1
Deal Score+1

Our credit score is very important to us. When you apply for a financial product such as a credit card or a loan, the lender will run a check on you to see if you are credit worthy of their product. Consumers with a good credit rating will be offered the product, but exactly how do we know what our credit rating is?

In previous years, getting your credit report has cost a monthly fee. Now Experian will give you your credit score via a free credit report every 30 days so you can check to see what your current credit status is before you apply for any financial products. How awesome is that?

Experian is one of the leading credit reference agencies in the UK and has information on almost everyone’s credit. Lenders are obliged to report to the leading credit reference agencies whether you are paying your bills on time. Regular on-time payments will give you a good credit rating and a good credit score. If you consistently missed payments then your credit score will be significantly reduced and will reduce your chances of being accepted for any credit products.

Remember, this is a completely free credit checking product and won’t cost you any money. Signup today and keep on top of your credit score.

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