Fresh Smelling Home – 5 Tips to save money.

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Home sweet home, a fresh smelling home is always nice. Enjoy the smell of your home and impress your guests with these 5 cheeky tips for a nice smelling home at half the cost.

Zaflora is cheap and leaves a fresh smell in the home.

  • Zaflora is the best smell ever. It’s not for everyone but for a fresh smelling home its ideal and its an antibacterial substance so you will have a clean home too! Mix a cap-full of zaflora with some water into a spray bottle (2 cap-fulls for a more distinct smell) and spray on work surfaces, draining boards, shelves etc for a fresh smelling scent.

Oil Burners and oils are great and not too expensive.

  • Try using an oil burner in the house. Grab some cheap tealights and a nice looking oil burner and then have a look through this wide range of scented oils. There’s so many different scents you could try and they last ages!

Fabric Softener and Water = Fabric Freshener.

  • One capful of your favourite fabric softener, topped up with water and into a spray bottle is great for bedding, sofas, curtains, cushions and pillows and is very cost effective if your buying it anyway for the washing.

Cheap Scented Candles can last a long time.

  • Poundland and supermarkets all have a little section of scented candles. If you can find one you like the smell of, they can last a long time and leave a lovely long-lasting smell in the home. Candles are ideal for the mantle-peace. Be careful though, Some Candles such as Yankee Candles are great but can be quite costly.

Open the windows, Fresh Air is good air!

  • Even in the middle of the winter, opening the window just a little bit will bring in fresh, clean air and will help prevent mould in the home. It gives any bad odours the chance to escape the house too.

Got any other tips on keeping your home fresh? Comment below. Don’t forget you can also take part in paid surveys and get free samples of scented products to test at home.

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